At the end of 2021 I founded Loekie's; a brand that breathes playfulness, yet remains stylish - items that tell a story yet are clean. A brand that mainly comprises streetwear, but has an interface with elegance. I like to call it a combination of 'cool' and 'elegant'.

It's great to finally have found something I want to go for every day. My dream is therefore to become a major player in the fashion industry and to contribute to the increasing popularity of the vintage clothing industry. To achieve this, it is important to distinguish yourself as a brand. That's why I put a lot of energy into creating standout content in the belief that it will ultimately make a difference.

At Loekie's you don't just buy an article, but a story and especially an atmosphere. Loekie's is and will remain exclusive. That the problem is not what to buy, but what not to buy.